Madeira Management obtained the first management licence in 1989 and is one of Madeira's leading Management Companies. Our team of twenty multilingual legal and accounting professionals, led by Dra Elita Amaral and Dra Suzel Camacho, specialises in making the Madeira International Business Centre accessible to businesses and their professional advisers. Our highly professional team is accustomed to providing international tax practitioners with specialist local advice, and the subsequent implementation of Madeira-based international structures.

Our office has particular expertise in company incorporation and ongoing administration, ship registration and management, double tax treaty planning and the use of Madeira's Free Trade Zone. We also provide company incorporation and ongoing administration services to companies operating in Madeira and Portugal, outside the scope of the Madeira International Business Centre.

We are able to assist in providing information and assistance in utilising Portugal's Golden Visa scheme or Non Habitual Residents regime, both extremely interesting mechanisms for individuals.

We warmly invite your enquiries.

We regularly travel to meet with clients and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person, or over the phone, to discuss how we can assist you. For more information about our services, follow the links below.
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Madeira Companies

Madeira Companies

   All companies incorporated under the Madeira Free Trade Zone Legislation are subject to the same regulations and principles as any other Portuguese company. Learn More

Shipping Register

   The International Shipping Register of Madeira ("MAR") is a credible alternative to other international registers Learn More

New Opportunities

   Madeira Management can provide advice and assistance to all individuals interested in obtaining further information Learn More

Latest News

   Aiming at optimizing our resources and improving our daily operations, Madeira Management has relocated its offices entirely to a new location, very close to our former one.   Learn More


Madeira Management Cia Lda
Rua dos Murças, nº 15, 1º andar
9000-058 Funchal
Tel: +351 (291) 201 700
Fax: +351 (291) 227 144
E-mail: madeira.management@mmcl.pt